Tuesday, 24 March 2009

An Interview With Schmurgen Jonerhaffs...

Schmurgen's a new face on the UK small press scene, having recently moved to London from Norway. His uncompromising styles can be found on his blog which he updates with a couple of new comics every week and he's even taken it upon himself to organise his very own Schmurgen Con which takes place this Saturday in Mile End.
I sent the man of the moment some questions...
Hi Schmurgen. Welcome to the UK! Tell us about how you got involved in making comics and the scene back home.
I haf want to make comics ever since I see my brothers Conan! Then later on I read Moebius and Robert Crumb and realise that comics can make anything!

What made you want to move here to the UK?
I was board of Norske life and all my friends only wanted to go skiikng but I haf fobia of skiing since I was little boy so I think I go to London, Home of From Hell, one of my most favourite uncompromising comics!

What kinds of comics to you like to make?
I like to make comics that show real world in all it's uncompromising ugly beauty! I like to make uncompromising comics! I feel that anything else woud be to betray of my talent!

Who or what are your influences?
I am very influence by Henry Rollins. He tought me that artists should always tell truth, even if truth is that you have unusual dream about chickens.

What is your favourite comicbook of all time?
I like the one where Wolverine cut off his own face as April fool prank. Or maybe I dreamed that? I also like Conan because he is uncompromising!

Tell us a bit about "Schmurgen Con" which happens this Saturday.
I am very exciting about this! It is my chance to announce myself to the world as real presence, and also share drinks with my new london comic freinds! It will be uncompromising fun! Also Special thankings to my friend David Bayley for making my idea happen!

Just why are you so uncompromising?
Because I cannott live any other way! If I tried my brains would melt off!


  1. To be fair to Schmurgen, I just gave him the name of a pub in Mile End and crash space on my couch - the rest was all him!

    Can't wait now - very excited. It's going to be the best comic convention ever!

  2. I'm looking forward to meeting Schmurgen, if I haven't already...

  3. He organised this in under a week? Wow. Great interview guys!